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Do you notice white, chalky residue or spots on your dishes in your dishwasher? Clothes and linens that feel rough and look dull? Dry skin and flat hair? These are all possible signs of hard water.


What is Hard Water?


Hard water is a natural result of minerals like magnesium and calcium accumulating during the water cycle. The more the minerals accumulate, the harder the water becomes.


We’re not saying hard water isn’t safe - because it is - you can drink and wash with hard water. But depending on the level of hardness, you’ll find that it can lead to plumbing problems down the line. Some of these costly problems include:


·      Stains in your sinks and tubs

·      Cost of replacing linens and clothes affected by hard water

·      Higher utility and water bills because your appliances work harder


Beyond that, it can just be unpleasant to drink or irritate your skin and hair. While hard water is safe, that doesn’t mean it’s ideal.


Can City Water Be Hard?


Absolutely! Cities will filter water to ensure it’s safe to drink, but since hardness isn’t a public safety issue it’s usually left unresolved.


Additionally, your home’s plumbing can increase the hardness of water, especially if your pipes are older. This is unavoidable without addressing the cause.


How Do You Determine How Hard Water is?


The hardness of your water is measured in GPG (grains per gallon), and hardness varies throughout the different parts of the United States. Most Americans have hard water, but the level of hardness differs by state.


According to HomeWater101, 85% of Americans have hard water. The following map provided shows how hard the water is in each part of the United States.


What Can You Do About Hard Water?


Millions of Americans use Water Softeners to combat the problems that come with hard water. Having a water softener has many benefits, they’ll remove the calcium and magnesium and replace them with softer minerals like potassium and sodium.


Water softeners provide other key benefits like:


·      Water-using appliances last longer

·      Laundry is cleaner with reduced fading and fabric wear

·      Dishes and glassware look cleaner and brighter

·      Skin and hair washed in softened water looks and feels better

·      Soft water maintains energy efficiency


NRH Plumbing services and maintains all makes and models of water softeners. Ensuring that your water is softened will help you in maintaining low-cost utility and water bills, cleaner dishes and clothes, and overall better health of your home and your family.


Need help finding Water Softener for your home? Contact us to help you decide what Water Softener will meet your budget and needs!


NHR plumbing is a family owned and operated residential and commercial plumbing contractor based in Ramsey, MN. We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services, main line cleaning, as well as planned instillation including: water heaters, water softeners, water conditioners and plumbing fixtures.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels