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Hearing a dripping sound behind a bathroom wall can be a nerve-wracking and confusing experience. Several factors can attribute to this sound, and not all of them are serious. However, most of them should be addressed through a professional plumber.


Cause: running faucet


One of the main reasons you might hear a dripping sound is simply because a faucet is running. If this is the case, the dripping noise will stop shortly afterward. We still recommend getting this looked at by a plumber because it could mean there’s a leak somewhere in the pipe. This is one of those things that isn’t a problem now, but could become a huge problem later.


Cause: clogged pipes


Another reason why you might hear a dripping sound behind your wall is when pipes are becoming clogged. Clear drains usually allow quick passage of water, resulting in dripping water sounds stopping sooner. 


With partially blocked pipes, you might hear that dripping sound more persistently, because it’s taking longer for that water to get through. You can use solutions like baking soda or vinegar to try to unblock the pipes. If the dripping sound doesn’t go away, it might be time to call a plumber.


Signs of a larger problem


If you notice any water collection or pools of water near the walls, any discoloration of the walls or floors, different textures being formed on your walls, or even any mildew or mold formation, these factors can be key identifiers of a water leak within your walls. 


Water leaks can cause bigger problems down the line, and in turn, create a leak in your pocket. Ensuring that you’re taking the necessary precautions when you hear a dripping sound in your bathroom walls is crucial in saving money in your pocket. 


If problems persist, you should reach out to your local plumber to see how you can fix any outstanding problems with dripping sounds within your walls. 

If you don’t take the necessary precautions when you hear these sounds, you could find yourself in a position of water leaks behind your wall. 

Do you need more help when it comes to your bathroom plumbing? Reach out to us to see how you can save more money and be proactive in your plumbing so it doesn’t cause more and more problems down the line.


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Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash