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For many homeowners, they dislike the taste, smell or color that sometimes comes with city water. Even when the water is perfectly safe to drink, that doesn’t mean that it won’t still have a specific taste, leave a residue or look cloudy.


For those homeowners, we strongly recommend a water filtration system to help keep water clear.

Best Water Filtration Systems for City Water


Please note: in order to find the right filtration system for your home, you need to first test your water. Not all city water is going to contain the same contaminates, and even homes in the same city not have the same contaminants. There are a lot of factors that determine what you might find in your water.


If you are interested in learning more about what you may have in your water, please contact our office for a free water test kit. With that information we are able to help you determine if you need a water filtration system and what type of system will work best for your home.


This list is intended to give you a jumping-off point in your research. These are some of the water filtration systems for city water that we recommend from Water Control Corporation, based on your needs:


For homes with high chlorine or chloramines: BrassMaster Plus MultiMAX LS


Chlorine and / or Chloramines are commonly used as additives in public water systems. The BrassMaster Plus MultiMAX LS water filtration system removes these undesirable additives. The result is clean, irritation-free water for your entire home.


Chlorine and chloramines are commonly used to disinfect city water systems and provide safe drinking water to end users. However, once inside homes and businesses, these chemicals can cause unintended problems. Excess chlorine can lead to taste and odor issues, as well as skin irritation. The effects of chloramines (a mixture of chlorine and ammonia) are much less known; but beyond taste and odor issues, they have been attributed to skin rashes, digestive issues, the leaching of heavy metals like copper & lead, and the failure of rubber products in plumbing systems*. The MultiMax LS removes these chemical additives. The result is clean, safe, great-tasting, irritation-free water. This automatic system relies on specialized media. It regenerates every few days with water and air (requiring no additional salt or chemicals).


Effective treatment of:

  • Chlorine & Chloramines
  • Taste & Odor Issues


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For homes with high nitrate levels: NitraMAX Nitrate Removal


Nitrates are a worrisome contaminant, often found in well water sources. Usually the result of agricultural pollution (from fertilizers and animal waste), they can lead to serious health conditions, including “Blue Baby Syndrome” (whereby infants are unable to absorb adequate levels of oxygen into their bloodstreams) and cancer. The USEPA has set the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for nitrate at 10 parts-per-million [10 mg/L]. BrassMaster Plus NitraMAX Nitrate Removal systems effectively reduce nitrate to levels below 10 PPM, making water safe for human consumption. Standard models incorporate additional water softening media for the reduction of hardness. NitraMAX units are also available without softening media for those homes that already enjoy soft water.  


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For homes with arsenic or Iron: Element33 Arsenic Removal + Iron/Manganese/Hydrogen Sulfide


Arsenic is Number 33 in the Periodic Table of Elements. It is a naturally occurring carcinogen found in drinking water supplies all across North America. Long term exposure to arsenic has been proven to cause serious disease, including cancer. For this reason, the USEPA has set a very stringent Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 10 parts-per-billion (10μg/L) of arsenic in potable water. BrassMaster Plus Element33 Arsenic Removal treatment systems effectively reduce arsenic to low or non-detectable levels, making water safe for human consumption. They also remove low levels of other nuisance contaminants, including iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide (sulfur/rotten egg smell).


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We install and service a wide array of water filters, including the ones on this list. Reach out to us to find the right water conditioner for your home.


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